Double Decker

Bicycle Rack

The double-decker assisted bicycle rack by Neko is the first user-centred two-tier cycle parking system. Accessible, easy to use, effortless, space saving, and usable by anybody, regardless of age, physical capabilities, or bicycle weight. It can even be used for electric bikes up to 40kg, which can be easily lifted to the upper level.

The rack lowers to ground level so the bike can be wheeled into place, and the pneumatically assisted folding system lifts the bicycle to the upper level with minimum effort. Unlike existing two-tier models, no lifting of the bike onto the rack is required, so this model really can be used by anybody. The patent-pending system stores 8 bicycles in just 2 metres, making it ideal for bicycle-dense urban areas in which parking space is limited. 

As part of the Mexico City Government strategy that seeks to promote bicycle use as a commuting alternative, we developed a Modular Bike Parking System situated near a very busy subway station. This parking features 80 of our double-decker assisted bicycle racks, and also has controlled access and CCTV surveillance.

These initiatives allow intermodal passenger transport, and are the most secure way to store your bike in the city.


We believe that innovative design means products that work for everyone, not just a select few. Cities are becoming more cycle-able, bikes are the future for sustainable mobility, and a big challenge for city planners is to provide sufficient secure bike parking that everyone can use.